RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter! converts RTF documents (created, for example, in Microsoft® Word) to XML ones or in pairs of XSL templates and XML files with textual data in line with the latest W3C specifications for XSL FO formatting semantics.

Operated from a Graphics User Interface, or a command line, or through Java™ API, RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter! can be used as a standalone application or as a part of your own solutions.

Using special rules for transformation of RTF formatting elements to FO ones, RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter! composes well-formed XML documents or pairs XSL & XML in line with XSL FO specification. This transformation preserves internal structure and appearance of the initial documents as much as it is possible.

Converts RTF documents to XML ones preserving initial documents' internal structure and appearance.

Allows creating pairs of XSL templates containing formatting and an XML files containing textual data from your RTF files. You can use a range of criteria for data extraction.

Multilingual support (23 RTF code pages and 17 font character sets are supported)

Supports tables, tabs, pictures, colors, and many other formatting features
(see full features list)

Allows composing cycles using specially marked entries in the RTF file.

Auto shape objects are supported. Text-box and picture shapes are processed.

Compatibility options for popular XSL FO rendering tools.

Easy for use Graphics User Interface.

Pure Java™ product, cross-platform command line interfaces.

Integrates into server and desktop applications through Java™ API.


You have invested a lot in creating a comprehensive set of business documents, templates, and forms and now would like them to be instantly available via Internet in different printable and viewable formats (PDF, HTML, PostScript, etc).

You have to convert documents in RTF format to XML ones preserving their internal logic structure and appearance.

You would like to dramatically decrease time you spend on creating rich formatted XSL FO Style Sheets.

You want to create web form templates for filling-in the form fields with actual data and don't want to spend more then a couple of minutes on creating these forms.

You want to speak to your clients on their language in terms of document formatting.

Download RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter!