With the evaluation version RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter! you can try all features of the commercial edition before purchasing a license for commerce use.

Using RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter! evaluation version for commercial purposes is forbidden.

Resulting documents contain some letters replaced by "-" and "." symbols.

In prepare-template mode, some text entries are not moved to XML data file.

March, 2009 - Maintainance release, Version 3.4.4d

Version 3.4.3 is published

  • RTF Parser is extended to support form fields;
  • Rendering of form fields is applied (check boxes are drawn using in-stream SVG graphics);
  • Add "fix-svg-indents" attribute in FOP-compatibility options to remove FOP bug in drawing SVG;
  • Add workaround to fix the bug of latest MS Word updates concerning to incorrect using of header/footer destinations.

Version 3.4.2 is published

  • Redesign of RTF2FO logging system. Any logger can be used now;
  • New logging is based on ExternalLogger interface;
  • Introduce RTFOPDF.java class example converting RTF to PDF in the memory using RTF2FO and FOP-0.20.5;
  • Fix a bug with default border width if it is omitted;
  • Support for "current page number" active symbol;
  • Missing char in "Symbol" and "ZapfDingbats" fonts is now substituted with U+2395 char (a rectangle).

3.4.1 is published

  • Support the "INCLUDEPICTURE" field;
  • Support the "if PAGE = NUMPAGES" field in header/footer;
  • Add "simple-server-path" compatibility property (for FOP);
  • Parse OpenOffice frame commands;
  • Convert text from a single shape of any type;
  • Fix a bug with empty borders in tables.

Version 3.4 is published

  • Add the "parse-ignore-case", "parse-by-specification", "parse-with-old-margins", "conversion-density" options which allow override corresponding system properties for the RTF Parser;
  • Add the "hide-track-changes" option and the "rtf.parse.hide-track-changes" system property;
  • Open the RTF DOM Specification and API;
  • Add the "show-rtfdom" option;
  • Improve the RTF2FO GUI: hints are added, new options are added, auto-selection of compatibility model is applied when an output plug-in is changed;
  • Add testing on trial time period in the evaluation version of RTF2FO; if trial time period is not expired, the evaluation version works as the full version without staining a FO output;
  • Improve plug-ins search method: all plug-in configuration files can be stored in the rtf2fo.jar now (in the subdirectory "ru.novosoft.dc.rtf2fo.plugins"); plug-in configuration files stored in the file system have a precedence on those stored in jar;
  • Add possibility to apply filters before converting an RTF DOM to XSL FO;
  • Add two low-level methods to RTF2FO class: the build() method returns an RTF DOM and additional convert() method allows convert an RTF DOM to XSL FO;
  • Fix a bug with incorrect ignoring of \bin command in RTF Parser;
  • Improve processing of tables having "at-least" constrains on their rows.

Version 3.3.5

  • Search of auxiliary files in jar is improved: absolute position of them in jar (e.g. "conf" subdirectory of jar) is replaced with relative position (e.g. with "conf" subdirectory of rtf2fo package directory in jar).

Version 3.3.4

  • Add API for output plug-ins as methods of RTF2FOContext class;
  • Improve line height calculation algorithm (the size of paragraph or cell marker is ignored if the paragraph content consists of smaller or bigger text);
  • Interpret bookmarks inside field instructions;
  • Add the "show-doc-info" option;
  • Improved handling of uri-specification in XSL FO. Picture and external URIs are now encoded in some way depending on compatibility model to allow local encodings in URI specification;
  • Add the "use-absolute-refs" option;
  • Add the "clip-headers" option;
  • Remove the "compare-pictures" option, because the comparison of pictures is always applied now;
  • Producing of indented fo-output in GUI is now available;
  • Watermarks are now supported;
  • Add the "allow-watermarks" option;
  • Algorithm for searching auxiliary files is extended to search in java resources.

Version 3.3.3

  • Add user-defined overriding feature for RTF2FO conversion models;
  • Implement the "separate-inlines" conversion mode;
  • Extended support for RTF Specification 1.7 (process 15 row shading commands);
  • Extended track changes support (revised text is marked with red color);
  • Parse all compatibility options for RTF Specification 1.7;
  • The "brdrnone" command is always interpreted as no-border;
  • Bug with empty field instructions fixed.

Version 3.3.2

  • Renaming of compatibility options with Antenna House XSL Formatter from ahxf to axf;
  • Possibility of hiding of useless compatibility models is added;
  • In compatibility with FOP, continuous section breaks are now interpreted using the base solution;
  • The compatibility with XEP 3.2 is added (in multicolumn layout, footnotes are spanned to the whole width of page as recommended in XSL FO Specification 1.0);
  • The compatibility with FOP-0.20.5 is added (the last right tab is converted using last-line-end-indent attribute);
  • Word-only underlining is implemented (but well-known renderers do not understand it yet);
  • Processing of leading spaces in paragraphs is improved (we change them to no-breaking spaces to avoid their collapsing);
  • Partial support of RTF 1.7 Specification (convert table borders of the new style);
  • Bug with interpreting of zero-width cells with horizontal spans in tables fixed;
  • Picture plug-ins occasionally deactivated in version 3.2 work again.

Version 3.3.1

    The color mixing algorithm is improved;
  • Shading with pattern color is supported by mixing the background and foreground colors in respective proportion;
  • The auto color is supported (automatic change of the text auto color to white color if the background is too dark);
  • Sophisticated selection of line stacking strategy is introduced;
  • Bug with disappearing an empty paragraph containing a bookmark fixed;
  • Bug with parsing of endnote separators fixed;
  • Table rules of new style are now recognized;
  • More exact parsing of cell spacing attributes;
  • Table-header rows are interpreted as table-body rows if a table has no body.

Version 3.3

  • The internal structure of the converter is completely redesigned to a new modular technology;
  • New implementation of tabs rendering: all types of tabs for all font variants are now supported;
  • Improve processing of leaders in tabs;
  • Bugs with incorrect borders (disappearing or extra borders) in tables are fixed;
  • Deleted text is marked with red color and line-through decoration;
  • Text raising supported;
  • Exact font metrics for subscript and superscript;
  • Allow strict rendering of small caps ("strict-small-caps" option);
  • Conversion of line breaks improved;
  • Improve in conversion of groups of paragraphs with identical formatting having borders and shading;
  • Internal structure of fo-document is improved: in template preparing mode style attributes are grouped in attribute sets;
  • The "rtf-info" option is introduced;
  • The fo:root customization feature is introduced ("preference" option).

Maintenance release, version 3.2.2

  • Fixed bug with cycles in nested tables.

Maintenance release, version 3.2.1

  • Fixed bug with extra borders in tables;
  • Fixed bug in parsing picture shape attributes inside shape parameters;
  • Nonstandard rtf-files starting with \rtf without parameter are now processed.

Version 3.2

  • RTF2FO Graphics User Interface is completely changed
  • The internal structure of the converter is partially redesigned to a new modular technology
  • Compatibility options are replaced with the "model" option
  • Output plug-ins are introduced
  • Loading of GUI preferences in command line run is now enabled
  • Full implementation of tables (support of horizontal positioning, separate borders, headers, invisible cells, and pagination properties is added)
  • Section breaks of all types are supported

Version 3.1

  • Quick Start User's Guide introduced
  • Non-grouped textboxes are supported using absolutely positioned blocks
  • Section start page number is supported
  • Improvements in bookmarks support (avoid *** reference in Antenna House XSL Formatter)
  • Optimization: neighbor inline strings with the same formatting context are merged
  • Improvements in parsing rtf file. Files nonconforming RTF Specification are parsed without troubles
  • RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter! configuration method improved

Version 3.0

  • The user's manual is almost new
  • The entirely new implementation of RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter! is based on the new RTF Parser
  • The user's API is entirely new

Maintenance release, version 2.2.2

  • Fop 0.20.4 compatibility file added
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.2.1

  • Graphics conversion plug-in interface is introduced.
  • Fix a bug in GUI options configuration.
  • Fix bugs with transparent background color, incorrect padding in table cells, and incorrect positioning of headers and footers.

Version 2.2

  • GUI introduced
  • All paragraph pagination properties are supported (widow/orphan control, keep together, keep with next, page break before)
  • All variants of paragraph line spacing are supported
  • Cell, paragraph, and text color shading without pattern supported
  • Last page number field supported
  • Cell margins supported
  • Tabs rendering is turned off if graphics could not be initialized

Version 2.1

  • Support of tabs is essentially improved using partial rendering.
  • The following special characters are supported: "en-dash", "em-dash", "copyright", "trademark", "registered", "ellipsis", left and right single/double quotes, and "bullet" (it is bigger now).
  • Paragraph shading without pattern supported.
  • Compatibility options with XSL Formatter from Antenna House, Inc. added.

Version 2.0

  • All new implementation of the converter version 2.0.
  • Subscript supported.
  • More border types in tables.
  • Footnote separator support.
  • Compatibility options added.
  • Installer is prepared.

Maintenance release, version 1.3.1

  • Bug fixing.

Version 1.3

  • Conversion specification added: conversion rules limitations test examples references.
  • Additional columns support: gap width column breaks.
  • Additional tabs support and TOC's tabs: leader-like tab recognition.
  • Lists of the new format are supported.
  • Logging added: option -v or --verbose. Prints unsupported RTF control words and exceptions.

Version 1.2

Version 1.1 of RTF2FO: RTF to XML converter!

To run the product you should have Java 1.2 or higher installed on your computer.

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